How can I make it easier for my child to sleep in her toddler bed rather her crib?


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Megan - posted on 12/18/2009




Both of you have helped greatly! Thank you so much! I think what's confusing her most is that her crib is still up in her room along with her big girl bed, so I'm thinking her crib needs to be taken down.

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With my son we had a convertable bed so we just took the side off and put in the toddler sides so he wouldn't fall out so he wasn't changing beds...when we needed him to change beds before we had our little boy we had him pick the toddler bed he was going to be getting and made a big deal about him getting a new big boy bed, really empasizing the BIG BOY part!!! We did this in April and had the new baby in Sept so he didn't feel like he lost his bed to his brother. Its a Lightening McQueen bed so it was real cool to sleep in his Cars bed! He was real great at first and then back in bed with us...where he'd really slept before anyways :) We're TV watchers at night so he also picked up this 'wonderful' habit and we turned our TV off and he now sleeps in his room, with the TV on :( I know thats awful but we cultivated it first in our bed :( and I will deal with that in a few months when we put his brother in his room, because #2 is used to music at night no TV :) yippee

Katherine - posted on 12/16/2009




I dont know if your child sleeps in their own room or not. But I took one of the sides of the toddler bed and pushed it up against my bed. I then had him sleep in his bed, but still very near to me. He didn't seem to mind that. You just have to make sure she knows when its bed time. Then when she is used to sleeping in her bed, you can reattach the side arm to the toddler bed and move the bed a little bit further from your bed. This may take a week or less. Its just something you have to work with. When they are used to their own bed, you can move the bed into their room. Also any kind of blankets, pillows or stuffed animals that might bring comfort to your child can be placed somewhere near to the bed, or they can sleep with it. Its is entirely up to you and what you are comfortable with. Please let me know if this helps at all.

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