How can I put my toddler to bed without crying?

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I've been following Dr. Spock's advice of putting my 2 year old to bed at the same time, using the same routine, and rarely or never re-entering the room when he starts to cry, but I'm frustrated. He cries every single night for 15 minutes or more of heartwrenching, door banging, screaming in terror and has for his entire life. Staying with him doesn't solve the problem, and neither does a nightlight, he just doesn't go to bed or takes an hour to fall asleep. What do you do to get your toddler to go to bed without the nightly traumatic ritual?


Erin - posted on 07/08/2010




This can be tough. My son was an awesome sleeper now it's unpredictable. Sometimes he sleeps great, others not so great. He sometimes has nights where he will go right down, others he will talk to himself for a while then go to sleep, and then there are nights when he will cry and cry. Sometimes he will go right down then wake up in a few hours and cry and cry. What I do when he cries I will let him cry for about 10-15 min (yes it breaks my heart) but sometimes he will stop and go to sleep. If it goes on to long I will go in, I can't help it. I will then bring him into my bed for a little while and read to him for about 15-20 min , then I will put him back to bed, usually it calms him down enough to go to sleep. If he wakes up in the middle of the night I take him to bed with me and after about 15-20 min weather he's asleep or not I put him back into his bed and he's fine. I'm like you I can only listen to the crying for so long, It makes me feel so bad for him.
Another thing too, which I haven't tried is taking away his nap in the early afternoon. I don't know if your son is still napping, mine is. However, sometimes if he skips it he's quite impossible. I wish you and myself good luck.

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