How can I stop my 3 year old daughter to stop bossing me around and telling me no all the time?


Mandy - posted on 03/28/2009




I am going through the same thing. What I try to encourage my children to do is say "yes mommy" when I tell them to do something. This helps them follow through with what I have told them to do. When I first started trying this, I would give them a piece of candy if they remembered to say yes mommy. It works amazingly and once they are in the habit of saying yes mommy, then we don't do the candy anymore. This is a way for me to also get rid of the candy that keeps showing up at our hours, LOL.


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I am having the same trouble with my 3 year old and he is a boy!  I think it is just a stage they go through as my now six year old some did the same thing at 3.  They are just becoming a bit more independent and pushing the boundaries.  Just keep reinforcing that behaviour won't be tolerated and they eventually grow out of it.  Good luck - I know it can be trying!

Morag - posted on 03/26/2009




I dunno but I have a 1 year old who does the same. I even get properly told off. My friends find it amusing, as she points at me and puts her hand on her hip like I do when I'm telling her big sister off (Her big sis is 9 though so a different type of argument). Sadly its a learned behaviour. I try and ask them politely to do things rather than tell them to do things but lets face it, sometimes you have to tell them off and say no. At 3 she wants to be just like mommy and knowing how many times I tell my youngest no in one day, its no wonder she copies me. ;)

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