How can i stop my daughter of 2 yrs from sleeping in our bed

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I put my daughter in our bed around 12 months old and she is now 2 yrs how can i get her to sleep in her own bed


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Alyssa - posted on 02/13/2011




I would say the same except don't get angry at her when you go in. If she is used to sleeping with you she will just want to know that you will still be near and are still attentive to her. So go in quietly and calmly and put her back to bed and say goodnight. Once she gains confidence that your still close she will be fine. BUT whatever happens...don't bring her back to your bed!

Casey - posted on 02/13/2011




It takes alot of work a persistence to break the habbit of co-sleeping, they'll be tears and tantrums but if you stick to your guns you'll get there.
I made the mistake of letting my 2 year old son sleep with me while his daddy was away working and once daddy came back home to work all hell broke loose cause no-one was getting a good night sleep, we had no sex life cause there was a little person in between us and with another baby on the way we had to break the habbit, first thing you have to do is make sure shes going to be comfortable in her room, so if it's warm weather make sure there is a fan or cold weather make sure there is a heater also a night light is a must to start off with and some kids like lullabies playing, also it helps if you take them out and buy them a special big kid doona cover and a special teddy to take to bed and it's important to keep telling her that shes a big girls and big girls sleep in big girl beds.
Stick to a firm routine dinner at 6:30, bath at 7:00pm, teeth cuddles and a story at 7:30pm and lights out no later then 8:00pm, when you go to leave the room just give her a cuddle and kiss and tell her good night and walk out even if she screams and cries just walk out, when she gets up again just walk her back without talking to her and give her a kiss and tell her good night again (no cuddle), next time she gets up walk her back again without talking to her and put her back in bed and say goodnight and walk out again (no kiss no cuddle), when she gets up again do the same thing but no kiss, cuddle, goodnight or eye contact and keep repeating this until she doesn't get up again.
It truely can be a nightmare but it's so worth it in the long run, I remember one night Dylan got up 9 times!!! but now a few months on his sleeping all night in his own bed with no dramas and we are all better rested and happy :)

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