How can you stop a 2 yr. old screaming??

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He will be turning 2 in December. And I need some other suggestions on what I could do to get him to stop screaming.
He screams when he wants, or even just to bug me or he'll just randomly scream for no apparent reasons or when someone is bugging him. I have tried Timeouts, spanking, speaking to him about no/stop screaming, even says "use your words" using calm voice. I even did raise my voice(or YELLED) and realized that wouldn't help at all. How long would this last?? Will he eventually grow out of it or will it still continue?

I'm eight months pregnant with my second and I'm really losing my patience with it, and is having extreme headaches from his screams. HELP!!!!!


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Here is what I do. I have found that kids will scream less and for shorter periods if there is no one around to hear them scream. I first give a warning saying that they need to use their words (make sure they know words to use ex: stop or no are easy ones to teach) I also say we need to use our indoor voices. If the screaming conintues then it is a time out in their room with the door closed. The time out lasts until they have calmed down and the screaming is done. Sometimes this is just a few minutes other times longer. Then I will go in and have them say they are sorry and remind them that they need to use their indoor voices and their words. Sometimes a reward helps. If he is screaming a lot during the day I would start small. Having the rewards be given severl times a having a chart for the morning, afternoon, and evening. If the screaming is daily, but not all day then I would set the reward chart for once a day. Have the rewards be simple like a sticker chart and then a big reward after so many stickers.

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