how did it feel to take your kid to daycare and how to let go for the 1st time

Amanda - posted on 05/21/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




noahs first day of daycare was great yesterday he was glowing and happy and as im watching him it was hard for me to realize that next time he will be alone all day for the first time in daycare i wont be there and im worried


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Yannine - posted on 05/26/2010




It was difficult for me to drop my daughter off at daycare, my sister-in-law watched my daughter since she was 3 months old when i went back to school, and then my mother in law watched her until she was about 1. I had to put her in daycare because both my husband and I are full time students, and my mother was diagnosed with kidney failure. I cried the first couple of times because she was not happy, but it turns out it was the best thing I could have done, she developed quicker and she loves it.

Michelle - posted on 05/21/2010




The first day is usually harder on us as parents than it is for the children. Yes, at first its a new environment, but they will get used to it. For us its always the wonder if they are ok and how they're doing. If at all possible don't check up on them the first few days because they will think something is wrong since you're always popping up. After that I'm sure as long as you and they are comfortable with where they are at then things will be ok.

Christine - posted on 05/21/2010




I'm actually a stay at home mom.. 38 years old..
so mydaughter doesn't attend day care..

BUT.. I have been on the other side. I taught preschool for a number of years.. and had the infant room (ages 8 weeks to 3 years old).. and let me tell you.

Set a routine.

Take him to the class.. help him put his stuff away.. tell him that you'll miss him and ask for hugs and kisses.. and then tell him what time you'll be back.. and then go.

He may cry.. but if you hang back due to his tears.. it will only get worse.. for him and for you.. and let's face it.. eventually you'll have to go and he'll still be crying.. and he'll still have to deal with it.. you stalling around will only make you feel worse. He'll still get over it.. because he'll have too either way.

And yes, it will be hard.. but it's like anything else.. it gets easier as they learn how to deal with those feelings.

if he's really sad you can take a watch and maybe set the alarm on it for the time that you'll be there to get him.. and let him wear that..

but otherwise.. it's best for you and him to just go once he's settled.

A lot of day cares have video cameras.. I know we did.. and so youcould always go to the front of the school and ask to watchthe camera in his room to see that he's stopped crying.. you can also call and get updates on him..

but otherwise.. just hanging out in the class where he sees you.. only makes it harder.

Hopefully your day care providers are good.. and will help distract him into a playgroup with some of his peers.. or even start the day off with a story or something so the kids want to leave their parents..

but if you child shows fear of daycare.. then maybe there's another issue.

Ashley - posted on 05/21/2010




It sucked for me i hadent left my son at all until day care but it gets easer with time. good luck

Marcy - posted on 05/21/2010




Amanda its natural to be worried, don't give that a second thought. Being a nervous wreck is fully acceptable. I would suggest that you call the daycare periodically throughout the day to see how your son is doing. Some of them will even take pics and send them to you on your phone....the thing is, he is going to learn so much by being around other kids. If you are totally confident in your daycare provider know that they will do a good job helping to watch/raise your child. I dropped my son off at daycare when he was 3 months old as I had to go back to work. he is now almost 4 years old and in pre-school. On the days when school is closed he is so excited to go to his old daycare providers house. You will have rough days when he doesn't want you to leave but typically 10 minutes after you are gone he will be fine. Its a huge change in routine and it will take time for everyone to get adjusted.

Chin gets easier.

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