how do i break my 1 year old who throws tantrums and screams at me

Catherine - posted on 05/03/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




my son has developed this thing where he likes to throw a huge tantrum when i tell him no. and he will scream at me when i try to tell him not to do something. Its embarrassing when im in the store and he screams cause i tell him no. how can i break him of this without having to feel like a horrible mom


Kathy - posted on 05/03/2010




you're not being a horrible mom by telling him "no" when it comes to manners or etiquette issues. you're in fact being a great mom by instilling and teaching him right from wrong. what's happening here is that your son is testing his limits and he's behaving this way because at one point or another, there may have been times where you caved and either gave him what he wanted, bought him what he wanted or listened to him if he said no. toddlers need boundaries and structure so if you give in some times and not other times, he will not know what he can/can't do which can be quite scary for young children because toddlerhood is about learning and exploring their world - including boundaries which helps them feel more secure. i know it sounds strange but it's true.... at this age, toddlers are feeling insecure as his need for independence grows so he needs your rules and boundaries to feel secure.

do not be afraid of telling him no and explaining why he can't do something. don't yell or scream at him and say the same thing over and over again. get to his eye level and if he decides to throw a tantrum in a store and turns into jelloman (when he sinks to the floor and lies there) then simply get him up, take him out of the store, sit him down and tell him that he is not behaving properly and if he doesn't stop, then you will leave and go home. if he continues, leave and go home.

the most important thing is to be consistent and always follow through.

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