How do I disipline the 3yr. old who has picked up on swearing?(my fault:(


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Melissa - posted on 10/16/2009




I am having this problem right now, too! I have tried to help her chose other words to use and I have also been trying to use these other words. Sometimes it slips, things like that happen!!!

Cathie - posted on 10/15/2009




what ever behaviour you see in your children that you don't like..., stop doing it yourself and so will they. If it's not appropriate, don't do it, kids only behave by following examples.

Stephanie - posted on 10/15/2009




Quoting Erin:

ex: if he dropped something and said "damnit" then I'd say "right, damnit!" and let it go. Most the time he uses them he's repeating me


ROTFL.....That is sooo funny. I can't help it I usually laugh when my 2.5yr old says a "bad word". I told her what shit meant and she didn't really care to use it anymore. She was kind of perplexed why I would use the word so often. LOL When the dog jumped in care with cow shit on his feet and I yelled at him she had to tell everyone the dog had cow shit on him. I just told her its not nice for kids to use those words...when she get her drivers license she can say it then.

Whatever...bigger fish to fry!

[deleted account]

With my 3 yr old (we cuss ALOT in our house!!!) I would tell him to talk nice, like Joanna said, with little emotion. Since we are constantly swearing and seemingly lack the initiative to cut back :( I told my son that he could swear if he stubbed his toe or got hurt, but there are other words we could use that make us sound smarter/better. When he uses them at innapropriate times I tell him to talk nice adn when he uses them in the heat of the moment I match his mood and let it drop...ex: if he dropped something and said "damnit" then I'd say "right, damnit!" and let it go. Most the time he uses them he's repeating me, my husband, or a movie and then I also mimic the mood and let it go, or if its a movie I tell him to talk nice. I occassionally hear "talk nice, mommy" which I then apologize for my use of the word... Once he got over the initial use of them and we stopped giving him a reaction worthy of the word he rarely ever curses. When he was in daycare I'd ask if said them because he'd been in a cursing mood before he went and he never did. So I agree w/Maggie they do understand plenty!!! I don't talk down to my child and I give him the respect I would give anybody else, which is why I couldn't concievably tell him to never cuss since we still do as well...I couldn't tell you the last time I heard him say something worse then damnit though? Its been a long time!!!

Maggie - posted on 10/03/2009




You have to stop, too! Let her know those are yucky mean words and you shouldn't say them. tell her she shouldn't use them either because they hurt people's feelings and make them sad. Ignoring it didn't work with my son (he's 3) but this did. Kids understand a lot more than we give them credit for.

[deleted account]

you cannot discipline your kid because they picked up your habits. since our kids look up to us as their parents and guides, when they see us doing something, they think if it's fine for you it must be fine for them. it'd be unfair to discipline him. when you reduce your swearing, they will too.

Brandi - posted on 10/03/2009




I agree with Erin. If you don't give a reaction, it should cease on it's own. However, try really hard not to swear around your child from now on. We rarely swear in our house, but my family lets some of the "naughty" words slip from time to time. I have found, too, that if after the fact and with very little emotion about the subject I say to my daughter "we shouldn't say that word, it's not nice" she gets it. and doesn't have any desire to repeat the naughty word.

[deleted account]

Ignore it!!! You acknowledge it and they think its a great fun game that gets your goat! Don't give in by reacting!!!

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