how do i get a job with a three year old??


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Julia - posted on 07/14/2009




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THEODORA - posted on 07/08/2009




I will tell you briefly my story i was living all my life in a small city,after my son"s birth-my mother and a nanny helped me a lot to go back at work..After few months of work i became a single mother + my income went doooown and in the end i lost my job.

Few months later i started studing and found a job in a city 100 klm away from my small city, in a big city.....+a exellent day care for my son,first months it was difficult...toooo many new things....

Trust me make the first step,deside what you want and everything else will come.


[deleted account]

contact your local parks n rec. you can get a job coaching, refereeing, etc. and bring your child with you. The pay varies. It might not be as much as you would like, but it would cut out daycare and allow you to continue to be with your child

Christina - posted on 07/06/2009




I couldn't bring myself to put my daughter in daycare so I looked around to find something I could do from home. I do most of my work while she is napping and once my hubby gets home to be with her, also there are sometimes during the day where she is starting to play more independent and I get stuff done then as well. I am with Ameriplan and it is your own business, anyone can do it and you work when you want to. The company is great and I LOVE what I do :)
So maybe you could look into your own business or even something else form home :) Good luck!!!

Katie - posted on 07/06/2009




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Dawn - posted on 10/24/2008




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Melanie - posted on 10/23/2008




Are you saying that you are worried about putting your child in daycare? There are ways to get around it. I have 3 kids (ages 3-13) and I've always worked, and never had them in daycare. If you are just looking for income, not a specific career choice, you might consider trying to find a part-time job that works around your husband's hours. My hubby used to work 9-5, so I worked in the evenings and on his days off. Now he just changed to graveyard shift, so I will work during the day, and still on his days off.


Erin - posted on 10/23/2008




I have a 2 year old and 2 month old and work full time. I think that being at daycare is great for my kids. They (well my two year old) have improved so much in their skills and interpersonal skills. My husband and I spend every evening and weekend with our kids to make up for time lost while at work! It will be a difficult transition, but I think a three year old would be excited to try something new, like daycare!

Mya - posted on 10/23/2008




I have a son who will be 3 in Dec. and another one due this Dec. I work part-time (2 days a week) and my son goes to a daycare at a neighbors house. He absolutely loves being there and talks about the other kids as if they are his best friends. I think it's good for him to have time away from me to socialize with other kids too!! There are lots of part-time jobs out there, you just need to search and you'll find out what's right for you.

Dawn - posted on 10/20/2008




first off ask yourself the question of what is life to you? build your success on whats important and what you can live without. The big question is what and who do you trust? Sit on those questions email back to me with your answers. Really think about what you are going to write is the most important. I have alot of wonderful ideas for you after you answer that important question. You will find yourself asking what life means to you over and over again. Cant wait to hear your comment!

Racheal - posted on 10/15/2008




I have a three year old in daycare at first she hated it but now she loves it and i find its really good for children's learning. As for finding a job there are lots of job centres there to help in whatever u need..

Terri-louise - posted on 10/14/2008




hey my name is terri, i have a 3 yr old. i am working casualy as a swimming instructor and while im at work i have him childcare. just figure out what you would like to do.

Jenna - posted on 10/14/2008




thats an good question, leaving your child is not easy and when it is with some one you dont know it can be even harder, my advice is to look arond for a job at the same tie as looking for childcare dont leave it till the last min, i work part time and i have two kids of 16months and 4yrs, and it can be done just i have found a fantastic child minder and the children love her so good luck in finding a job an remember finding the right child care for you and you child is most important as you need to feel happy leaving them to feel happy in going back to work x

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