how do i get her to have a bath without screaming!!

Ceri - posted on 01/05/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




my little girl is 21months old and used to love bath time so much we would have a job to get her out even once the water went cold! recently however she hates it and just the mention of bath time results in a screamin paddy with her clinging to my top like a little monkey! i have tried having loads of toys, loads of bubbles (she loves bubbles) and even tried getting in with her and now i dont know what else to do.

i am welcome to any sugestions. thank you.


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Nancy - posted on 01/13/2010




My daughter (14mths) was he same. She would happily float and stay in the bath for as long as possible up until she was 7 months and then she would screen and cry and cling to be for dear life. At 8 months I started her in swimming classes and in a way that has calmed her partially down. Now she doesn't scream or cry the whole time but I am still not able to leave her in there alone. I guess it is one of those things I need to take slowly and just let her get over whatever it is that freaked her in her own time.

Kayla - posted on 01/10/2010




these are some great suggestions... ive been looking for ways to get my daughter to bathe with out the figght...and ive gone through the toys and and trying showers and such... maybe the babydolls will help... i can only hope

Ceri - posted on 01/10/2010




THANK U ALL FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP!! i am going to try getting her to bath her 'babies' that may work as i have tried nearly everything else and i want to make it as stress free for both her and me as i can b/c she gets so worked up i just cant see her like that its horrible. i was thinking of using the small baby bath again as she likes sitting in it and pretending its a boat. fingers crossed something works soon. im just relieved its not just me that has had this problem. thanks again

ceri x x x

Coleen - posted on 01/07/2010




One of my daughters was like this,and I never got in bath with her but I introduced her to a spray I put Johnson and Johnson baby bath in the bottle and filled it up with the bath water and would spray the bath tub with it. She wanted to "play" with it so I told her she could only play with it in the bath tub.She was apprehensive at first but you could actually see the wheels moving in her brain thinking about She got in the bath and played with it sometimes until the water went cold. She would yell out to me and say its empty I would refill it in front of her this time with only the bath water in it. Evenutally she worked out that you didnt even need to put the squirter in the bottle she could just hold it in the bath water and squirt forever.....hahhah then I would go to get her out cause the water was going cold and she would ask me to just put more warm water She then would pretend she was cleaning her dolls and toys by squirting them as well......

Tess - posted on 01/07/2010




try a shower instead, maybe change up the toys, and try some lavender body wash (to calm).

Davida - posted on 01/07/2010




my 2 year old started freaking out b/c she didn't like her hair wet. we started letting her make SOME of the rules for bathtime. Now, she will take a bath in our standup shower with toys and the handheld shower head. She still hates her hair washed but that's just not an option. I am thinking about getting the shower visor for kids so no water gets in her face. We keep a towel for her so she can wipe her face clean whenever she wants. Seems to be working for us although you get a lot more wet. Good luck!

Claire - posted on 01/06/2010




We had the same thing happen with both of our kids. To fix it, and it worked with both kids, we had me get in the bath then put the kid in with me. One bath with mommy was all it took. Now we encourage playing and splashing with the clear shower curtain -- it gets them nice and soaked for washing -- once the curtain is pulled back they both know to keep mommy and daddy dry or the bath is over.
Good luck!

Ceva - posted on 01/06/2010




This happened my son aswell for months he loved the bath & then al of a sudden he wud take a fit if i even mentioned it......he didnt have any sort of fall or scare soi didnt know wat happened!! What i done was brought him to a parent a baby swimming group( alot of public pools hold "family hour" ) and after a while he loved it.....I wud put on his arm bands and swimming shorts in the bath and he graudally started to luv it!! hope this helps....gud luck :-)

Melisa - posted on 01/05/2010




My son loved the bath as well until he slippded in the bath. Since then he hates it. And then there is the issue of the water sucking down the drain, that really freaked him out. I just started showering with him and then slowly he started being in the shower alone with me washing him from the outside. Then we gradually started bathing him again. He does not like toys in the bath so we give him a cup so he can pour water over himself. Your daughter might enjoy bathing a doll and maybe you could encourage her to get in the bath with the doll and have a special wash cloth and soap for her to bath her doll with. You could make a big deal out of drying and dressing her doll for bed. Give it a go, i might work. Good Luck

Samantha - posted on 01/05/2010




Maybe try putting a bathing suit on her and have her pretend its pooltime or shes at the beach. Or maybe instead of having her get in with you, let her in the bathroom with you while you get into the tub yourself. My lil man loves to throw toys in the tub while i'm in! Good luck!

Stephanie - posted on 01/05/2010




I know this is probably going to sound a little off the wall but my mom has a friend that had a grandson that was terrified of the bathtub. She couldnt get him near it with out fits and he would pee his pants. It was so sad but she was eventually able to have him bathe and have fun. She started a very slow but affective process.
She would get into the tub with him with clothes on...week later take off socks..etc. This did take some time, I dont know if it will help you but maybe she just needs a different out look on bath time.
She might even think it would be silly to get in with clothes on.
You could also make it like playing in the make her responsible to caring for a doll or something that can get wet. Explain they need a bath and she need to help them be clean....just a thought.

Best of luck!!

Joni - posted on 01/05/2010




well if you let the shower fill the tub up with her in it i help with getting her hair wet and then if you use no more tear shampoo and body wash . i sound like he had a really bad time in a pool or in the bath tub but she will get over it i just tell my daughter that we have to was all the germies off her and she goes with it oh an she has to do it by her self she is 2 so i put the soap on her she rub it on her head and the i but some on the wash rag and she does it at the end i go over it again but it helped her i hope it help you lil girl

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