How do I get my 19 month to stop sucking her fingers? . . they're starting to blister from it


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I used to work in an early education day care center and I had a two yr old in my class that did the same thing with all her fingers. To get her to stop after she was put in my class at 23 months old, I would chase her around the room as soon as I saw her with her fingers in her mouth. I would play with her and say "Get those fingers out of your mouth!" in a silly playfull voice. And then tell her "We don't EAT FINGERS!" "We eat food, not FINGERS!" Exagurate your words, and use your facual expressions to make it dramatic, the more silly and rediculous you are the more it captivates them and makes them laugh and listen to you. And the funny thing about making them laugh is that they can't suck when laughing really hard, so get them rolling and then chase them to keep the fingers out of the mouth until they are ready to stop running. Then repeat every time you see them putting or getting ready to put or already have their fingers in their mouth. I would chase her around a table in the room and telling her that I was going to get her if she didn't get those fingers out of her mouth. And she knew I ment tickle her and make her laugh until she couldn't hardly stand it and would take her fingers out of her mouth naturally that way. She didn't get away with having her fingers in her mouth for when she was around me, but at home she would a lot more. It took me about a month and a half to get her to stop sucking on them, but she did for good. And seem much happier too, talked more and everything. I loved that little girl to death and still do, she was awsome, I had to break other kids of the same later on but they didn't have as bad of a habbit as my Little Miss Lauryn. Lauryn's fingers would swell to three times their normal size and she would have blisters at times. But it took a month and a half of me being silly and persistant to break her of it.


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my almost 16mth old sucks his thumb... it blisters too. :( no idea what to do....

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