How do i get my 19months old daughter to stop hitting, bitting, and throwing things.


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Nicole - posted on 10/13/2009




my daughter likes to throw her dinner all over the floor thats one thing the other things has been a fork at her grandmother and a thick glass at her fathers head. The hitting she thinks its funny to go up and hit me, her fahter, her brother, and exspecialy her cousin which is only 14 months. She also loves to hit her self when she does't get her way. THe bitting she again bits her self when she is mad and has been bitting her her cousin again which is 14 months. SHe has gave my niece many of bruises.I have done every thing i can think of. Please help

Julie - posted on 10/13/2009




my son is 2 and was doing all the crap i was told he was doing it for attention so i started paying more attention to hi and it worked..goodluck

ElizaBeth - posted on 10/13/2009




Every time she throws something...take it away for the rest of the day. Dont let her play with it untill tomorrow. Of course this only works if she was throwing something of hers. My daughter went through a throwing phase and we were getting ready to go to the park and she threw her shoe at me. so i took her shoe away. and we couldnt go to the park b.c she didnt have shoes. lol it worked. She stopped throwing things immediatly. with the biting though...the only thing that worked for me was to bite her back. Not hard not even enough to leave red marks...but bite her back. It'll show her how much it hurts. and then sit and talk with her about why she should bite/hurt people. She may not be old enough to respond to what you're saying but she's old enough to know what you're saying and understand pain.

Now dont hit your child if she hits someone else. For me and my daughter any time she hit me i told her to go to her room. and if she didnt go she got a lil smack on the butt. just enough to stun her...not hurt her. - and then carried her to her bed laid her down and shut the door. I had to hold the door shut the first couple times because she kept trying to open it and get out. but once she learns that she can't get out then she'll stop. But dont let her out untill she tells you shes sorry for hitting. she has to say sorry b4 she leaves the room. But if she's still screaming or crying then dont even try to get her to say sorry. make her calm herself down first.

I used the 'techniques' with my lil girl and they worked but every child is different and will respond differently to punishments and situations.

So try a couple different punishments. but always go with the same punishment for the same crime. if she hits and you put her in her room . Then next time she hits dont just look at her and say "thats not nice" or something ya know....put her back in her room. lol. otherwise she'll get confused about what she did wrong and what will happen if she does it.


Alright perfect example....My daughter has the best timing ever lol....she came up to me at the computer and asked for more apple juice. So i said if she brought me her cuppy i'd get her some more. So i walk into the kitchen and she comes running in with her cuppy and says "CATCH MOMMY" and throws the cup across the room. ...i gave her my "you know you're in trouble look" and she ran over picked up the cuppy and set it on the counter and said "I sorry mommy. i go my room now"....and walked up to her

Perfect example of how keeping the punishment the same all the time wil really start to set it....she knew she was in trouble and punished I had to go up and tell her she could come down.

Sarah - posted on 10/13/2009




if you associate it with a bad thing like a naughty step or corner or a pen and be forceful she will eventually stop and whatever she is throwing take it away and say your putting it in the bin and show her even if you take it out later i find with the hitting if you lightly tap there hands they eventually stop hope vit helps

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