how do i get my 2 year old to stop slamming his head off the floor when hes mad

Kristian - posted on 07/17/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




my son slams his head offf the ground every time he has a fit i get a little worried it could cause brain damage so if anyone has advive let me know please


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Alicia - posted on 11/22/2009




my nephew would do the same thing, the more my sister would try to stop him the more he did it.. than she was told to just ignore it.. (within reason, if hes really really hurting himself you cant just watch) but normally they arent doing it hard enough to cause real damage and they'll give up once they realize its not working.

Amanda - posted on 11/22/2009




Believe it or not I had the same problem with my son at 2 also he is three now. I know it sounds funny but after telling him time and time again and him not listening . I pretended not to care or see him do it I ignored it sort of and he soon realized that it hurt when he hit his head on the floor. He stopped real quick because he didn't have the attention from me.

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