How do I get my 2 yr old son to sleep through the night without wanting his sippie cup?


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Elizabeth - posted on 04/07/2011




Sarah is correct that you need to stop giving in..but what you can do is give him less and less over a few days..and then cut it out completely. Then ignore him when he gets up.

Sarah - posted on 03/09/2011




Stop giving in. I know that is a simple answer to something that seems impossible, but really that is the answer. Right now he is in a habit of waking and getting it. You have to change the habit. If he realizes that when he wakes he is not going to get it he will stop waking. You may have a few nights of dealing with some crying and it being some long nights, but it does work and he will stop waking.

Another option is if you don't mind him having something to drink in the middle of the night. Put a sippy cup of water by his bed at bedtime. When he wakes he can take a drink. The hard part with this is when you are wanting to potty train....doing overnight training may be hard since he is getting more liquid during the night.

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