How do I get my 2 yr old to sleep in the afternoon.

Jo - posted on 04/22/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




We recently went on holidays and my 2 yr old just wouln't sleep in the afternoon, I think it was something about the strange house. Now that we've been home for a few weeks I just cannot get him to have a sleep, he won't even stay in his room even for 5 minutes. He get's really really grumpy and throws big tantrums by about 4 or 5 pm so I know he still needs the sleep. Am now trying to put him down with the door shut which he hates. Do I keep going in there and putting him back into bed or just let him cry it out? Help, not sure how much longer I can last with a grumpy 2 yr old while I'm trying to cook dinner.


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Hana - posted on 04/23/2010




yeah, this is either our "problem", I am trying to let him sleep a while after lunch, usually he persists and fall asleep accidentally 3-4 hours later, but in such case, he is not able to go to bed in the evening, so I think I am going to change it...

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I have put a baby gate on my daughters door. She goes upstairs to bed every afternoon for a couple of hours and most of the time she sleeps. When she doesn't she reads or pretend reads her books but she understands I will not come and get her. I put the monitor on so I can hear what she is up to. I hope this is a one off for you son and that he gets back into his normal routine a.s.a.p.!

Jo - posted on 04/22/2010




Thanks Nicole, I'd be happy for him to stay in his room and read or play quietly with his toys but he won't even stay in his room, he's out before I even get to the other end of the house. Although as I was writting earlier he was in his room screaming (I live in australia so it's afternoon now) he gradually went quiet and has actually fallen asleep, hope it not just a one off. Will just have to wait and see.

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Which can you cope with better? Going in and laying him back down until he settles (though after an hour I would call it quits because he's not going to nap at that point)?


Letting him cry it out?

Our son has always slept with his door closed. Partly because I do home daycare so it was easier to block the noise out and partly to keep the cats from bugging him, they're nosy critters who like his fleece blankets. He has a baby monitor in his room so I can hear what he is up to.

There have been afternoons where my son has not slept, but he spent the full hour in his room. His room is completely child proof. He has his personal toys and a ton of books on a shelf. He knows that I will not allow him to play toys while it is nap time (two other children nap in the room beside his), but he knows I won't stop him from pulling all his board books on to his bed and read them as long as he is quiet.

When he is not sleeping I only go in if he starts yelling or starts banging on things (kicks the wall with his feet).

Yes he is grumpy at dinner on the afternoons he doesn't sleep, but not near as grumpy as if I had let him out of his room to play down stairs. He may not be sleeping but "reading" books is pretty restful in that he generally lays on his bed to read them.

I hope you find something that works for you. Cooking with a grumpy kid at one's side is patience draining.

Good luck!

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