How do i get my 23 month old to sleep in his own bed?


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We're opposed to the CIO method. I know it's proven to work, and usually within 1 week, but we can't stand it and have read recent studies that seem to indicate psychological damage may be happening to CIO babies.

My son will be 2 on the 20th and we just started moving him from our bed to his bed this week. We have a toddler race car bed for him. It's been at the end of our bed (almost like a foot board :-)) for months. Just getting him use it being there, playing it etc... well I still breastfeed my son, but since he doesn't nurse through the night anymore, and kicks me in the back and tummy like crazy (I am 23 weeks pregnant as well) I decided enough!!!
So what I did was tell him, buddy I need you to start sleeping in your bed because you are kicking me so bad in the night and I can't sleep and you might kick me too hard in the belly, which is dangerous for the baby. So I need you to sleep in your bed tonight.

Then I got into his little bed w/him and nursed him to sleep in there. Once he was out, for the most part he was out the rest of the night. Each night he has woke 1-2 times in the night and calls for me. I of course wake and tell him, buddy, mommy is right here. You are just fine, now you need to go back to sleep there in your own bed. You have water right there too (I put water in a sippy cup in bed w/him). Within a min or two he's back out. He's been a little bit harder to fall asleep, but he's been sleeping in longer. He's going down from about 11:30 (late I know) until about 8 or 8:30 am. Then he comes and gets in bed with me/us if hubby is still home for a while to nurse and watch cartoons. It's been working well for us.
So you might bring his bed into your room. Eventually we'll likely transition him to his own room, but I am thinking that's a good 6mo- a year away. He'll likely want to be in w/us even once the new baby comes. Which we are fine with, as we were even thinking of doing the family bed thing. But, might be a little too crowded once the new baby out goes the side-car co-sleeper and joins us in our bed.

Tasha - posted on 12/10/2008




You may need to let him cry it out. Give him his lovey and a kiss. Let him know that if he needs you you will be in your room, but he needst o sleep in his bed like a big boy. The first couple of times sit with him for a short time and then go out. You may need to shut his door/put a safety gate over the opening until he falls asleep (I set my cellphone alarm to wake me to remove it- on that off chance that I actually fell asleep.

Magan - posted on 12/09/2008




well he sleeps with me and my husband but when he goes to sleep i put him in his bed and he will wake up in like two hours and wont go back to sleep unless he is in bed with me.

Melissa - posted on 12/09/2008




Where does he sleep, and how long has it been since he slept in his own bed?

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