How do I get my 3.5 year old to sleep in her own bed?!

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My 3, almot 4 year old daughter and I always enjoyed sharing "mommy's" bed.

I need help! She will beg and plead and cry and end up in my bed even after I have put her in hers. I feel terrible that it's so tramatic and I have enabled that. Any advice?

Ironically, she loves playing in her room and will even nap in her room when not at preschool (where she sleeps on her own mat too!)


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I have seen the Nanny and recall those episodes, it takes work and consistency and to cope with the tantrums...I will need to toughen up myself and make it happen.   Tia, your suggestions with her bed and the photos especially, are great.  She loves her baby doll and I tried that approach but she threw it and ran into my bed anyway. LOL  I needed to turn her little butt around at that point.  I know it has to happen, we have a baby on the way and I don't want that to be even more stressful for her in changing her routine.

Tia - posted on 02/19/2009




Have you ever watched super nanny or nanny 911? They always say that putting them in and walking out is the best thing to do, until they dont get up and fall asleep on their own. Eventually things will work out. If you feel guilty doing it just remember that you're doing whats best for her. She has to learn to sleep in her own bed and you need your bed to yourself. She will understand soon enough, it will be hard but you have to get it done. Her development depends on it as well.

If you want, you can try to make her bed something she WANTS to sleep in. Maybe jazz it up with something new? New blankets, sheets, pillows.. you could also give her something for security. My daughter, 2, sleeps with a blanky and her babies. She loves it. I kiss each baby goodnight, tuck her in, turn on her music and shut the light. She doesnt get out of her bed once and shes falls asleep on her own. Its learned behavior. Doing it over and over again will help. A night light might help too, if the case is her being scared to sleep alone. You could also put a picture of you beside her bed- this way it's like she still sleep in the same room as you.

I wish you the best, please keep me posted on how things work. Remember, dont give up. Know that it has to be done and that because you love her so much, it has to be succeeded. Even if it makes you feel bad, remember its for the best.

Beth - posted on 02/19/2009




Hi there! My suggestion would be to place her in her bed. When she gets out, tell her that she has to sleep in her bed and put her back in her bed. If she gets out again, don't say anything and put her back. Continue that until she gets the message. It will be trying at first but eventually she will understand. I wish you the best.

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