how do i get my 3 yr old son to know the differnce between when he and cant say the work no???

Tanaya - posted on 04/11/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




my three year old son will not stop saying the word no to everything i say.. if i ask him if he wants a drink his saays no i ask him to do something he says no i just want to know any surgustions on teaching him when it is right to say no and when its naughty


Marie - posted on 04/13/2009




My suggestion is when you ask him a ? rephrase it so that it gives him OPTIONS and he CANT say "no".For example, :Do you want milk or juice with lunch?" I find with my toddler, she has bloomed into this independent child who loves making decisions on her own.Well the simple decisions like a couple options of diff pjs for bed, a yogurt or cheese for lunch,sneakers or boots to play outside.At this age they are so sick of hearing the "no"s from us and I believe its their way of trying to give it back to us.By giving them options,it makes them feel independent and its not leaving an option to say "no".Try it a few times,you'd be surprised at how it really works.I feel we are at an age where everything is a power struggle between parent and child.My struggle is potty training.My daughter has succeded in so much in the almost 3 yrs and this is one thing I feel shes going to be stubborn about.She knows I want it so bad and yet its the one thing she has yet to learn.She knows her alphabet,can count to 14,why cant she grasp the potty? 

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