how do i get my 3 yr old to bed before 10pm, he naps and he doesnt and he wont stay in his room if he is


Jessica - posted on 03/12/2009




I had the same problem with my daughter...she is 4 now..but she wouldn't go to bed before 11pm and wouldn't stay in her room. We finally got to a point where we gave her an earlier bedtime and we would let her know an hour before that it would be bedtime soon.We went through the bedtime routine and then we explained that once she went to bed she had to stay in her room and that if she came out we would put her back in her room. She threw an absolute fit the first few nights and we literally spent 2 hours walking her back into her room. Each night it got easier and she came out less, and after 2 weeks (i know it sounds like a long time)she was in bed by 8 pm and she stayed in her room and would fall asleep in about a half hour. We also used the reward system for her behavior and everynight that she went to bed like a "big girl" she would get a reward the next morning. The first few nights were definitely frustrating, but it was worth it because I now have a 4 year old who puts on her pjs and brushes her teeth at 7:30 and is in bed without even putting up a fight by 8:00pm. The key is will only work if you are very consistent and don't give in, as tempting as it may be...Hope this helps! Good luck!


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Jo - posted on 03/17/2009




My boy is 2 next week and he goes bed at 6.30pm. I helped this by playing with him in his room during the day so he likes his room. At bed -time, we have a wind down time by putting his toys away together, having a bath/wash, tuck him in bed with a comforter (mine is a monkey - who looks after him whilst he is sleeping) then he has a warm drink - milk and bed-time story. Once I have finished reading, night-light out and 10 mins later he is flat out. Try them. you never know. Good luck x

Krysti - posted on 03/14/2009




You'e probably heard this before but .....routine, routine, routine- it's hard but it works! bath, story, bed. I start at 7 to have mine in bed by 8. I have had to start and restart the routine several times but only because i'm a sucker and let her stay up for this or that several nights in a row. but it only takes about 1 week before she's back on track again. And yes same routine on weekends. Also a lot of warnings are good, "after Einstines its time for bed"

Cathleen - posted on 03/14/2009




I have a now 4yr old that has enjoyed pushing the bed time boundary at many stages however now he knows he cant. A few things to try or look at. Make sure he is waking early (may be hard on u but is worth some u time at nite). Limit sleep during day.and the best i find with my son is have a bedtime routine. ie. start telling him an hr from bed time that there is 1 hr til bed and tell him every 10 mins how long left. Also try reading a bedtime story or singing a special song for bedtime. Then be persistant and consistent and see how that goes. Dont give up and dont give in it will become habit!

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