how do i get my daughter to go to the toilet

Rachael - posted on 12/05/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




my daughter is 23 months old im trying to toilet train her but she just doesnt want to go on her potty...the first day she did a wee and then 20 mins later she did a number she just wont go...she knows when she needs to go but how do i get her to start using the potty again???


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Michelle - posted on 12/12/2009




i think that she will do it in her own time, my son is almost 2 and in no rush, he will when he is ready, there is so much pressure on parents these days to meet stage requirements, but every child is different, she will let you know when she is ready

Brandy - posted on 12/06/2009




My daughter started going more and more when we let her pick out her BIG GIRL underware and when she wet in them or poo in them she had to ware a pull for that day she hated.. I hated pull ups so that is how we got her to go... GOOD LUCK

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I waited until my girls were around 4 before we tried the potty training heavily. We made some attempts in earlier years, but they never really stuck. Strangely enough, my younger daughter was bribed with a pair of shoes. She's a bit of a shoe-lover, so my mom came for a weekend visit and brought a new pair of blue shoes. If my daughter used the potty, she could wear them. If she wet her pull up, she had to hand them over. It worked like a charm. She was even giving them up when she knew she didn't use the bathroom. By that time my kids were old enough to use the grown up toilet with a seat. My son, however, had to be trained earlier in order to get into preschool. Again, my mom came for a visit, and since he was smaller, we bought him a separate seat. My mom spent several days with him and I continued with it. It took him a couple weeks, and I'm glad we have hardwood flooring. He was bribed with toys. If he went, he got a small truck or something like that. After a week, I was out of toys, but I still found little ways to reward him. Good luck with training. Sometimes they just aren't ready and you might want to try again in a week. My youngest daughter did the same thing yours did. Peed and pooped a couple times and then just lost the interest. I think what made a difference was someone else (not mom or dad) came to help the kids.

Brandi - posted on 12/05/2009




My daughter did the same thing at about the same age. She was doing really well for a few days then all of a sudden she didnt' want to do it anymore. It turns out she wasn't quite ready. she thought we were playing a game or something and got tired of it. I tried a few months later, and she did ok for a day or so, then she didn't want anything to do with it. So we backed off a little and tried again at about 2 and 1/2 or so. She wasn't coming along very well, then either and I was getting desperate. I asked her if she wanted to go to school to learn and play with other little girls her age and she said yeah i wanna go. let's go. I said Nope, they don't let little girls who still pee and poop in their pants come to school. you have to learn to use the potty, It wasn't long (maybe a couple of weeks) and she was fully potty trained with minimal accidents (she is now almost 4 and has been potty trained for over a year, and still OCCASIONALLY has an accident, but very rarely) so maybe there is something that she really wants to do, but can't do if she pees in her pants??? school, ballet lessons, gymnastics, like that (even if she isn't quite old enough yet to do it, still mention it. It will give her something to work toward)

Michelle - posted on 12/05/2009




we just wait till our kids decide to us the potty instead of fighting them... at not even 2 chances are she can't control her bladder yet

Jametta - posted on 12/05/2009




i let my daughter c me using the potty and told her big girls use the potty and only big girls go outside with mommy and u started goin more and more

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