How do I get my little girl to be potty trained @ night.

Brittany - posted on 04/19/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My little is 3 an has been potty trained during the day for almost a year. @ night time she wears a pull-up an I have to change it 2 to 3times so it want soak the bed.


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K.C. - posted on 04/20/2010




My little girl was day-trained for quite some time before we could night-train her. I got sick of waiting for her night habits to catch up so I gave them a helping hand. I decreased her water intake before bed to about 1 cup. Then every time I put the nappy on I'd make a remark about nappies. Usually, "Gee when ur a big girl we can throw these stinky, smelly things away" and "did you know when you stop doing wees when you're sleeping you won't have to wear nappies anymore". AFter a few weeks of the 'mind games' she almost had stopped. After a dry night I would jump around and in my most excited voice would let her know how proud I was of her etc. In all I think it took about a month. I tried to make every comment I made nice and not degrading and it worked so I am stoked. I think since then she has had about 12 accidents, and she is 3 1/2 now so that's pretty ood going I think. They can't just stop but I think if you plant the seed into their minds and harp on it (nicely of course) it just works. Good luck

Netty - posted on 04/19/2010




Hi Brittany, My daughter Pam ..had a day home .She is EXCELLENT with "special needs" Just had her 4th baby..Now finally her 1st girl. She is a young mom but lots of experience ..She would be happy to help..Call her at 1-780-584-2224

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