How do i get my son to stay in his bed at bedtime?? i have taken the sides down off his cot and knows he can get out


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April - posted on 05/30/2009




its just a phase and a new experience for them. My son did the same thing when he went into a bed. They have been cooped up in a crib for so long and now they feel free and the need to explore. Consistancy is the key. Just keep putting them back into bed and tell them its bed time. be strong and dont give in. They will eventually give up and stay in bed. it only took about a week for us as well and then he realized this was his bed and he needed to stay in it. Also as jen said we did stories and music to make it a little more calming for them.

Jennifer - posted on 05/29/2009




this may sound worse than it is but....
with our daughter, we had to put her in bed, read the story, have a cuddle (all of which took 5 mins give or take and then one of us would wait just outside her bedroom door just out of sight, and as soon as we heard her feet hit the ground we would put her back in bed and say goodnight. It only took about a week of this for her to stay put and we haven't had any issues since. We will be trying it again soon with our son.
Good luck.

Amelia - posted on 05/28/2009




persistance. Just keep putting him back. maybe tell him the first few times it's bed time now then say nothing after that just put him back in. Hopefully he will get the hint that you arn't going to give up and give in to him and he will get sick of being out back in. Or maybe you could sit next to his bed and read or just sit there so he's knows your still there, just until he falls to sleep. maybe play music or give him books of his own to read. Something quiet and carming that will make him tired.

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