how do i get my son to stop hitting and backtalking me?

Rachel - posted on 12/13/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




my son hits me and hurts the dogs and thinks its funny. and when i tell him to stop he calls me stupid or an idiot. he wont do anything i say. what do i do?


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Kelly - posted on 06/21/2010




My nephew did this, he used to hit me and his mum all the time. and kick us, one day i had enough of it and when he booted me i booted him back. not hard enough to move him but hard enough for it to hurt a bit and for him to realise that its not nice to be kicked and hit, he didnt do it again after that. same with biting for my son, i bit him back and he quickly stopped. Hope this helps!!

Amanda - posted on 06/19/2010




My son is 3 and has recently started hitting me. when i tell him to do something he doesn't like. I've asked several friends and family what to do and they suggested taking away something he loves, like his bike, and spanking him. I've tried spanking and either i'm not hitting hard enough or my son is stubborn because he just laughed. So i took away his tricycle and you'd have thought I was killing him. He cried and promised to be good etc. I took it away for 1 day and that whole day he was so good. I gave it back to him the next day and told him that mommy doesn't like it when you hit me and thats why i took your tricycle away. I told him that because he was good he gets his bike back but if he hits me or anyone else i'll take it away again. So far so good. Good luck. They say the two's are terrible, but the 3's are worst.

Angela - posted on 06/19/2010




Im sorry about your son. I have a 17month year old that likes to hit. I've tried spanking and shutting him in our room away from toys. Its temporary and wont work right away, but when you stick to the punishment everytime they start to learn. I wouldnt get to carried away with spanking though. Some say its okay to spank it wont effect them. But I grew up in fear of my father and never was able to get close to him due to spanking being his punishment. My boy doesnt budge with spankings anyway. All he does is hit me back. I found that every child has his own fear of punishment. Stick to he one that seems to effect him the most(one that makes him cry). I dont have the name calling, but he's still young. The name calling is a stage. Soap is definately the answer. My mom did that and i never cussed again. Also what worked on my older son when he cussed I punished myself in front of him when I said a potty word. Goodluck hope this helps and lets you know your not alone.

Michelle - posted on 12/13/2009




first thing i'd figure out where he's learned the words stupid and idiot.. i have a 6 year old and he'd never dream of staying those words.

Sara - posted on 12/13/2009




I am having the same problem with my two yearold, every other word out of her mouth these days seems to be stupid mom or i hate you, she doesn't hit me often but she is awfully mouthy and i am worried because if she talks this way to me at 2 whats 16 gonna be..What i do is time out, stand her in a corner, try and explain that her words hurt mommy and she shouldn't talk that way,I also threatin with taking something away that she likes if she continues her behavior. I am not sure if those are the best solutions but it is what I have come up with. Good luck and if you have any suggestions let me know! Good Luck!

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First off I'm probably going to come across harsh. I'll try my best to not. But you have got to be the parent here. He is controlling you. How old is he? I dont know how old he is but if hes a toddler. You better stop letting him do that now, because when he becomes a man, you are screwed if you dont. Especially with sons. Men are just stronger than women. They are just made that way. So while he's little now You need to spank him, so when he gets bigger than you he wont hit you or treat you bad.. I'm not saying beat him. I'm saying spank him. There bottoms can handle it. Its not abuse. Quit nagging him and get his bottom red. You warn him once then follow through with a spanking if he doesnt listen the first one time warning. I do with my boys and it works very well. They learn respect. And with the calling you stupid or idiot, wash his mouth out with soap or use tobasco sauce on his tongue. That is ridiculous. I would never let my son say that to me more than once because he'd learn the first time. And no, spanking them does not teach them to hit. That is a lie.Its even biblical to spank.Proverbs 13:24-He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.

Anyways I'm sorry if I come across harsh but this is dangerous to you later if this keeps happening.And its very disrespectful, you carried him for 9 months dog gonnit, just for that you deserve respect, your his mother. I hope this helps. God Bless!

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