how do I get my son to stop throwing things during a tantrum?

Rikki - posted on 04/18/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 3 years old and seems to like throwing things when having a tantrum. I have tried time outs and it seems not to be working. Any suggestions?


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My son (also 3) throws his toys during tantrums. He also thinks it's fun (and funny) to throw them when he's playing. We have what I call a "Saturday box" in the garage. He throws something (whether it's in a tantrum or just for fun) and not only does he get a time out, he also loses the toy. It goes in a box in the garage and usually every other Saturday, he gets back whatever's in the box. Trust me when I say that there have been a few times that the Saturday box was damn near FULL (it's kinda a large box) LOL So not only does he lose the toy for awhile, but by waiting a week or more to give it back, by the time he gets it back it's a "new" toy lol

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When my son throws something two things happen. One, he gets an immediate time out. two, the item thrown gets put on timeout. it goes up on a high shelf that is in plain view but very much out of reach. My son then has to do something for me in order to get his toy back. This can be something like cleaning his room, helping me sort laundry, "washing" or sweeping the floor. Many of these chores he does poorly, as he is only 3 as well, but he puts effort in. and I can see progress in what he is doing.
I also put my son in his bedroom for his tantrums - his room is pretty childproofed and there isn't much in it for him to throw.

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