How do I get my toddler to talk more?

Courtney - posted on 04/27/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




He is two and a half and only says a few words... how can I get him to talk more? He goes to preschool and I work there full time...


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Jennifer - posted on 05/06/2011




A few can count how many words he can say on one hand? Two hands? I don't remember how many words my now 5 year old could say at that time, but I know she didn't say even a quarter of what she could understand (and I spoke to her like a mini adult). And she could understand a TON! She would mostly say things to fulfill her needs, like juice or wanting to eat, but conversations with her were usually limited to one word answers or yes or no questions lol or she could say, "I want...._____" Something like that. Either way, she didn't start talking all that much until sometime after she turned 3. Now that she's been in school since August I can't get her to be quiet now lol. My 19 1/2 month old is talking a lot more at her age than Brycelyn did at that time. All children are different and you really can't MAKE them talk, but I'm sure you can encourage it by doing some of the things these ladies suggesed. Sometimes I have to make the 19 1/2 month old say things, like "Please may I have juice?" word for word. I use the word "make" because she sometimes tells me, "No," or shakes her head OR nods her head "yes" lol but I just keep prompting her, "Please...." and if she tells me, "No," then I tell her, "Well, then no juice." If she starts to get upset by this, again, I say, "Well, say, 'Please....' " But I only do this because I know she can talk lol. I just thought I'd share that, not suggesting that's what you do lol.

Elizabeth - posted on 05/06/2011




You should think about having him evaluated by a speech pathologist for peace of mind. It isn't abnormal for a child to have speech delay but early intervention can be significantly helpful. They can even teach you methods to help him speak more.

Prabha - posted on 05/05/2011




Hello Courtney, One thing I do with my kid is to talk to him and describe the activity I am doing. He may not use the words immediately but he definitely gets a hang of things and may babble a lot. It may take a little time but sooner or later he would start picking up the words much to your joy.

Christine - posted on 05/04/2011




reading and singing are great ideas but just make sure when u are talking to him use grown up words not baby talk u will expand his vocabulary better if u talk to him like he is an adult and i noticed with my son when he was learning new experiences and didnt have the right words to express himself he would get mad but when i starterd giving him the words to use such as if he wanted a toy that someone else was playing with i would tell him to say for example "ashton can i have a turn with the toy when you are done please" and now he always uses his words when he wants somethin. hope this helps just keep talkin to him and dont give up he will talk when he is ready. also have u talked to your docter about a possible hearing problem my friends son was 2 and still not talking and it turned out he had water in his ears so when people talked to him it sounded like they were under water the docters put tubes in his ears and now his vocab has exploded in less that a month.

September - posted on 04/28/2011




Read to him daily, sing together, do flashcards with him and talk to him as much as possible and have fun with it. Good luck!

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You can't force a child to talk. Makes it tough I know. Best things you can do:
- Read to your child A LOT!!
- Talk to/with your child a LOT! just do a running dialogue, while cooking, grocery shopping, going for a walk
- cut down on the TV, eliminate it completly if possible
- if your child uses a pacifier limit this use to only night time or or nap time.

My son wasn't a big talker either, then when he was about 36 months he just exploded verbally. now I wouldn't mind a moment of quiet. :)

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