How do I get my two year old to stop drawing on the walls?

Meghan - posted on 11/01/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is 2, and has been coloring for about 6 months or so. These past few weeks she begun drawing on the walls and her bed. The first few times I took away her crayons for the day, and made her help me clean it. Then, she kept on, and I started taking them away for a couple days. But now every time I give them to her, not even an hour later, she draws on the wall. I can't turn my back for 5 min with her and crayons. She even has the nerve to (attempt) do it in front of me. She used to not be like this. She will consistently tell me that drawing on the walls/bed is a no-no. But she continues to do it! I really need some ideas on what to do. I love to color and do any kinds of arts and crafts with her, but if she can't learn to handle crayons, paint and stuff will never work. We have an art desk, in another room, but she still continues to take her crayons into her room at some point and then draws on the wall. Please help me!!


Brandi - posted on 11/02/2009




My daughter did this for a while. the trick is to be consistent. EVERY time i caught her drawing someplace she shouldn't she lost ALL her crayons for 1 week. I put it on the calendar and showed her how many days she was to be without them. If when she got them back, she colored somwhere inappropriate, she lost them for another week. Also, I made her clean up the mess that she made (Mr.Clean Magic Eraser works wonders). It wasn't more than a couple of months till she learned that coloring on anything but coloring books is not allowed and she quit coloring where she shouldn't she is 3 1/2 now and I allow her to have her crayons in her room without supervision and she does just fine. I have not found any crayon marks where they don't belong. I also told her very sternly when i took the crayons away that WE ONLY COLOR IN COLORING BOOKS NOWHERE ELSE. you really just have to be patient and consistent with her. i think my daughter went almost a whole month not being allowed to color. I would give them back to her one day and by the end of that same day i had to take them away again. she'll get it. lol


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Kaye - posted on 11/02/2009




I agree with Gillian I wouldn't allow her access to the crayons unsupervised. After all she is only 2 and making art on a big empty wall would tempt any toddler lol she has also got a reaction off you when she does draw on the walls, maybe she is telling you she wants you to join her not leave her to it? She has learnt you ALWAYS give attention and come back when she's not done the right thing, so don't give her the chance.

Kaye x

Letisha - posted on 11/02/2009




Try getting her big coloring poster and let her draw on them i dont know if it would help but it something to at least try

Lady - posted on 11/02/2009




don't leave her alone with them ever if you need to do something away from her give her something else to play with and tell her it's because you can't trust her with them. if she trys to draw on anything but paper take them off her imediatley and walk away do this evverytime and surley she'll get the message.

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