How do I get rid of this dumb bottle?! It's his security thing.

Virginia - posted on 10/20/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




He's not overly attached to any toys or blankets, the bottle is his security item. I've taken the milk out of it and all he gets now is water in it. But he went from drinking a gallon and a half of milk per week to, if I'm lucky, half a glass a week. Upside to that one is that he now eats actual food at meal times. But we had skipped sippy cups altogether so I don't want to revert, how do I get enough liquid into him without it being in his bottle and without causing crazy tantrums?


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Jennifer - posted on 10/20/2009




You could try putting something yucky in his bottles, so that he no longer wants it, like tart lemon water. Then you only give him the stuff he likes in the cup that are looking to change him over to. It may take a few days and some screaming(from him) for him to understand but stick with it. Some kids really enjoy drinking out of cups with straws, you could try that to make it more fun for him. Good Luck!

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just take it away i know it sounds so mean but thats gonna be your only option. He will not thrist him self to death. he might get a little dehydrated but just make sure he's getting liquid other ways until he gives in. try giving lots of juicy fruit like grapes and soups are good to. even yogurt is a liquid. good luck stay strong

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I found a couple web sites that might help you out with this problem...I didn't have any problems with this as my daughter switched from the bottle to sippy cups very easily at 12 months...although I was worried about my daughter getting dehydrated while she was sick a few months ago and the Dr. told me that kids this age only need 1 tablespoon of water per hour to stay properly even if he is only sipping a small amount chances are that he is getting plenty of water...

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