How do I go about starting potty training when she is afraid to sit on the toilet without a diaper?


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Ilene - posted on 03/05/2010




My daughter was terrified of sitting on the potty without her diaper too. I really think that she wasn't ready. I was, she wasn't. I waited awhile, and in the mean time let her pick out a potty seat and pull-ups. She picked out a seat that goes over the big potty because she wanted nothing to do with a potty chair. We just kept talking to her about it and taking her with us when we went to the restroom.

When she was 2 1/2 I bought a huge box of diapers and told her when the box of diapers was gone, she was going to start wearing the pull-ups she picked out like a big girl. Everyday she would check the level of diapers and we would talk about how neat it was going to be to wear pull-ups and go in the big potty. When the big day came, she was excited about wearing the pull-ups and going to the potty. Hope this helps!!

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Are you putting her directly on the toilet (because she may be afraid of falling in) or does she have a potty chair? They make potty seats to fit on top of the toilet. Maybe she could pick one out that she likes. I don't know how old she is, but children will overcome their fears when they are ready to train. I encouraged my son to sit on his potty chair by always sitting with him and reading books and singing songs. Good luck.

Dawnielle - posted on 03/04/2010




really and truly, she will show you when she is ready to potty train. i would love it if my daughter was into training right now too but she just isn't there yet, and if you push it on her she will fight back - toddler independence is great huh? lol.

i potty trained a girl that i nannied for and what we did was show her how to use the potty, gave her a treat if she went, and put her straight into big girl undies instead of pull-ups. she resisted a little but when she would get so much praise she got excited.

another tip, is no matter how many messes you clean up, don't get mad at her for it. it's hard to go from diapers to toilets and her body may not adjust to the change well.

if she is physically ready; ie. stays dry for hours, can tell you she peed or pooped, knows how to pull up and down her own pants, then it may just be the mental preparation and stories could help with that or tv shows about potties like Elmo's movie on it.

just a few suggestions...hope they help!
good luck!

Julie - posted on 03/04/2010




Wow, I have the same exact question. My daughter loves to sit on her potty chair but when I try to get her to take her pants down and diaper off she freaks out. The pediatrician said that it was a control issue and that the best thing to do was to not push it. But I want to start training her now, so I would like advice on this as well.

Theresa - posted on 03/04/2010




Do you have a little potty chair? The big toilet is huge to a little one and they feel like they can fall in. The other thing to try is one of those litle seats that's fits onto the toilet, it makes the hole smaller so they don't feel like they're falling in.

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