How do I keep my 18 month old from hitting?

Laura - posted on 04/01/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Avery has been hitting my husband and I on a regular basis. Usually it happens when we try to discipline him or we take him away from something he was doing to change his diaper or something. Other times I know he does it just out of frustration, but it is getting very annoying. Not to mention sometimes it hurts, if he hits in the right place. How do I get him to stop? Every time he hits, I will tell him "NO" and if we are holding him he will immediately be put down. I don't know what else to try and I'm getting very frustrated. Any suggestions? Thanks.


Lauren - posted on 04/01/2009




Wow!! You are already off to a really great start. You did say that he is 18 months, so do you think that he can handle or can comprehend time out? I am glad to hear that you are already not giving attention to his actions. The biggest thing is consistency. Both you and your husband will need to come up with a plan of action together that is similiar for it will get worse before it gets better once you two team up and start to carry out with teh same discipine. I love how you have if he hits while you are holding him, then you put him down, but I would go a bit super nanny on him as well, and have both you and your husband pick a consistent "time out" or "naughty" spot. So that he understand that not only will he not get attention or affection or holding from you, but he will get also a chair or concentrated time out somewhere with no attention at all. The biggest thing here is the introduction and ending to the time out. Once you put him in time out follow as you have by saying. Mommy or Daddy does not like when you (or the child's name) hits. Hitting hurts no thank you. And as you say the no thank you..proceed to the "Safe spot" Then state you will need to sit here for 1 minute and "think about it" or you will need to sit here for one minute, and then turn your back and let him have some time to himself. Once again if he gets up or comes running or crying to you, like super nanny states it is good to take him back to the spot repeating the no thank you and the action that he did that hurt you. Once it is finished you can then later go to him and confirm the action. Thank you for sitting nicely..mommy or daddy do not like it when you hit, if you do it again you will return to "spot name", please make better choices next time. I swear by this stuff now. I at first thought yeah right, if they are under two this stuff doesn't work..but now after also owning my own childcare center for 8 + years, miraculously....and with my own son to, it is the gift of life! LOl Have a great day and week, you are already off to a great start..and his picture is to die for!

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