How do I keep my 21/2 yr old from peeing on the floor??


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Stacey - posted on 05/08/2011




is he peeing on the bathroom floor while trying to aim in his potty or just peeing on the floor in general?

Andrea - posted on 05/08/2011




my step daughter has been doing that...she knows where the potty is, we have a small one, and we have step stools by the toilet, she was getting near the toilets most of the time, and then just going on the floor. Or in the rare case where she was just playing with her siblings, she was peeing where she was playing...I did the mean step mommy thing...I made her clean up her pee. She knows to go on the toilet, so when she does it on the floor, I have her wipe it up, and explain to her she must use the potty. Mind you...I also now keep a close eye on her...because if the hand is near her crotch, I ask if she has to go pee...or tell her to go on the potty...we give her high fives and rewards for keeping it on the potty...and for the most part its worked out well. If its a boy...and they are just idea...could take this two ways!! Yeah set up targets or make up some kind of pee game for him...and hope for the best!!

Louise - posted on 05/15/2010




If he already has a step to bring him closer then buy him a target to aim for Either one that floats in the toilet nd does not flush or one that sits on the back of the toilet lid. In the mean time buy some pampers disposable changing mats at least this will absorb the pee and stop the smell in the bathroom.

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