How do i react to my 10 year old daughter wanting a boyfriend? She told me she likes a boy


Shannon - posted on 06/17/2011




my babies are still young, but with me when i was younger i started dating at age 9. did it more when my parents disapproved.

i think when my kids are older and want to date that i would support them as long as i know they are safe and all


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Gladys - posted on 06/19/2011




I agree with Sarah, talk to her be open, know her friends. I watched a Tyra show where girls as young as 10 were having sex because of peer pressure, friends, their friends telling them to "just get it over with" it was sad

Sarah - posted on 06/17/2011




I would just talk with her about it. Find out what her idea of a boyfriend is. Find out why she likes this boy and why she wants him as a boyfriend. Then you help shape her morals and values. Instead of having a "date" of going to the movies together like a 15 or 16 yr old would. Have it be a group of her friends boys and girls get together and do something fun (roller skating, game night at your house, etc.). You can be creative, but keep the activities a group activity. Big thing is to allow her to be open and talk with her about it. If she is talking with you, you are able to help guide her in the right directions.

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