how do I start teaching my son to go to the bathroom?


Jules - posted on 03/12/2010




He isn't quite there yet but keep up with it n he will eventually learn

The earlier you introduce your child to the potty/toilet the better. Also keep in mind they learn form you n other people so let them into the toilet with you n once you have finished show them n get excited about it, then let them flush the toilet n turn off the light. It's a novelty thing. Ask them if they need to go to the toilet/potty each time you put them on.

Put them on the potty while you go to the toilet. N say yay for ....... he/she is sitting on the potty, It will take a while for them to actually do something in the potty but patients is the key. You can do a reward system if you like, I prefer to use stickers rather then chocolate or lollies. If you are going to use chocolate get some choc buddies or something small. But only give it to them once they have done something in the potty or they will go every 20 seconds just for a treat n always make a big fuss every time they sit on the potty especially when they do something. Once they have worked out the sensation/feeling they get when they need to go you will find they will come n tell you they need to go. Don't get angry or yell when they have an accident or they will get scared to go, just say * it's an accident n we will make sure we get to the potty next time * Otherwise you will end up back at square one. This is the easiest way I have found. Note that boys usually start getting the feeling of needing to go around 2 1/2 or 3 Girls can notice it a bit earlier. Hope this helps :D

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