how do i stop a jelous 3 year old???

JODIE - posted on 03/06/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




hi! i am having a big problem my 3 year old is very jelous of my 9 month old,but why i give them equal attetion,she always takes what the beby has.she bites if doesnt get her own way.ive had enough i cant cope ....can someone give me ideas PLEASE!!!!!!!!!


Mel - posted on 03/07/2010




Aw sweets Im goin through the same thing you are!! with my 3yr old girl & my 11mnth old boy...I can say this much I no its a build up of things for my girl for example Me&My Partner probley think were giving her equal attention to her brother but this is what she see's when were giving them equal time and were actually oblivious to it! When its snack time I do make there meals at the same time but she's old enough to feed herself and see's me feeding her brother and fells left out ..her jealousy builds...when its playtime with there toys she will steal his toys of him and i've caught her even boppin him with softtoys when she thinks I'm not looking only becuase of the fact that he has his own safer toys to himself..and as it builds we've definatley noticed!! she's become way more aggressive with me and still has trouble sharing with her brother...BUT as I've found its all about ''CONSTANT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT'' If she feels that your praising her for the littlest things she does she won't mind seeing mommy goo gooing her brothers evry milestone she will also feel just as special as her little brother,,, (well I hope I've helped somewhat goodluck with your darlings and be strong)

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