how do I stop my child from trying to pull his diaper off and playing in his poo?

Lisa - posted on 06/10/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




my son is almost 20 months old, still a little too young for potty training, however he is always trying to pull his diaper off, and he puts his hands down the back of his pants in his diaper and when there is a mess in it (before I even know he's got a mess in it) he pulls in out from the diaper and starts rubbing it all over himself and his playpen, most times I catch it before this happens, but it's frustrating when he gets to it before I do. Does anyone happen to have any suggestions?


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Start toilet training. He's not too young if he doesn't want the nappy on anymore. My eldest son (3) was toilet trained at 21 months and his little brother (18 months) is just starting the process.


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I say give potty training a try.
I really didn't think children would be interested at that age and my son is now more or less trained with the exception of nights and consistently getting poops in the toilet. He's almost 21 months old, we started at his interest at 19 months.
I do home day care and the 3 year old started potty training. He wanted to do what she was doing so I started setting him on the toilet at diaper change time and then he started going pee in the toilet.
So we switched to underwear and haven't looked back since.
There are more good days then bad and his only accidents are his refusal to do his BMs in the toilet. But he is only 20 months old and that will come with time as he gets more comfortable.

Otherwise onesies that do up in the back are my only suggestion.

Good luck!

Louise - posted on 06/10/2010




Put him in an all in one sleeveless vest that buttons up under his butt. This should make it nearly impossible for him to do this. They make these vests up to size 2-3 years.

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