how do i teach my 1 year old to be nice to the new puppy


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Gabrielle - posted on 05/29/2009




Be specific - when you pull on the ears/tail/etc, it hurts. Be gentle (and demonstrate careful petting). Don't touch the puppy when he's eating/drinking. Don't pull on the puppy's collar or leash. Model the correct behavior and gently correct anything that could potentially turn bad. Keep their toys separate. Don't ever leave them alone together.

Kristy - posted on 05/22/2009




Personally I don't believe that your child is purposely being mean to the new puppy. Children that are as young as yours and even up through the age of 4 (in some cases) don't understand the concept of sharing let alone having a friendships, in turn I think that you child is only playing with the puppy the only way he knows how. The way we think an animal and/or person should be treated is a taught mannerism, we are not born knowing this. So not only should you persistently acknowledge/discipline his actions towards the puppy good or bad you should also lead by example. You also should never leave the two alone in the same room, most children are bitten in the face because they are at face level to the animal.

FYI: Some animals respond better to this behavior than others. I have witnessed some animals becoming great loving pets because the were played with roughly by a young child. I have also seen an animal become very mean because it was not shown love by every family member. Please keep a close watch on your child as well as the dog.

Hope this information helps you.


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