how do I wean my 18 month old off his dummy


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Sarah - posted on 01/19/2010




My son was the same, i started off by only offering it to him at night time sleeps, and during the day i would say no, its only for night time. and during the night if he woke looking for it i would not give it to him, he would eventually re-settle. then on his 2nd birthday i got him to throw his dummy in the bin and told him he's a big boy now and dummy's are for babies. he asked for it a few times after that but i replied "remember you threw it away cos you're a big boy." he'd frown but accepted it. I found it much easier with him being involved in getting rid of it rather than me just taking it away. but they need to be at the age they can understand, maybe 18months is a bit young but i did it gradually by only giving in to certain times, the protesting is hard but it works eventually. GOODLUCK :)

Lucy - posted on 01/19/2010




he is totally dependent on his dummy/soother when he sleeps at night and during naps. I want to wean him off as soon as possible.

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