how do u get u son to go to sleep on his own when his so use to u lying next to him to go to sleep?

Rachel - posted on 11/12/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




he is 2 and has always slept in my bed because i was a single mother for the past year my partner an i would like to have the bed to ourselves. Any advice how to get him sleeping by himself and without me having to lie there next to him till his asleep?


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Heather - posted on 11/14/2009




With my son we moved his bed in to our room, then slowly out the door,finally we got him in to his own room where he was fine until "monsters" came then we had to start over. Have you tried having someone else put him to bed? my youngest would always wake up when i moved him but never when their dad did.

Linnaea - posted on 11/14/2009




start out by getting him to fall asleep with you then moving him into his own bed then once he's used to waking up in his own bed, then try just laying him down in his own bed and if he gets out just keep putting him back until he figures out thats where he needs to be. thats what i did with my son and it worked for me and my son isn't quite 2 yet.

Sarah - posted on 11/12/2009




He is two so he is old enough to have pillows and blankets... try putting his stuff in bed with both of you for a few nights and then try moving them to his bed.... My son has always favored "my" pillow that i used when we slept together so it was comforting when i gave it to him in his bed.... he is old enough that leaving him to cry himself to sleep could bruise his emotions so be encouraging not punishing and try getting his naps to be in his own bed first with yu sitting by him on the floor or a chair and readind and stick to a ritual such as bath pjs book bedtime.... all that put together and continued is a great stert... toddlers hate change usually so it will be hard but worth while.. good luck!!

Lisa - posted on 11/12/2009




hahahaha i was in the same position as u - i agree with Jocelyn Hildebrand, i did the same thing. it will take a few weeks but week 1 sleep next to him in his bed ON TOP OF THE SHEETS untill he falls asleep, Week 2 SIT NEXT TO HIM AT THE TOP OF HIS BED start reading him a book (this prob sounds stupid but by reading him a book u are swaping one security with another, (he may like u to touch his arm as a sence of security, week 3 MOVE HALF WAY DOWN THE BED and repeat step 2 untill you are able to sit at the bottom of his bed, then when he is ready get a chair and have it at the bottom of his bed next to where you sat the week before and continue reading a book (every night after that, move the chair 30cm away untill it is away from his bed - now my daughter lets me read a book for 2 min and she is out to it.... you need to do it at his time and pace he doesnt no any diffrent right at the end if i had enough of sitting there i would try saying ill be back in a min i need to go to the toilet (and not come back in unless she would start crying) good luck ur gunna need it - - - dont give up it will work i no soooo many ppl goig through the same thing also let him pick out what book he wants u to read

Jocelyn - posted on 11/12/2009




I co-slept with my son and moved him to his own bed when he was two.
I started laying down with him to fall asleep (after reading a book of course), then after a bit I would just sit beside him, then later sit on the floor by his bed, etc etc. And he would fall asleep faster and faster; I'm down to sitting by the door for 10 minutes (at the most). Tiny steps! But it's working. Good luck :)

Shanna - posted on 11/12/2009




I had that problem too! My son was always sleeping in my bed...what a mistake!! What I did (and it's hard) was I would put him in his crib and let him cry for 10 minutes. Then I would go check on him, lay him back down and just repeat that until he finally fell asleep. It took about a week for him to fall asleep on his own without crying.

Jennifer - posted on 11/12/2009




I would try taking him to the store and letting him pick out a stuffed animal for sleepy time if he doesnt have one already. This may make him feel like he still has someone with him and isnt alone. Unfortunately he is used to sleeping with you so it will most likely still be hard but if you stick to it and dont give in it will be fine.

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