how do you disapline a child when there only 2 years old


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Theresa - posted on 05/30/2010




my daughter is only 20 months and she understands time outs in her room. I started using the time outs because she would scream when she'd have a temper tantrum. I said "No screaming or you 'll have a time out in your romm." She kept screaming so I put her in her room and told her "No screaming." then shut the door. I left her in there for 1 1/2 minutes, then let her out and hugged her. After just a few times she got it and would quit screaming when I warned her. Then I started putting her in the time out for the temper tantrums then selves. Now I just say "Do you need to go to your room?" She goes in there by herself.

Time outs are supposed to be for 1 minutes per year of age. Anything longer losses their attention and they forget why they're there. Obviously that defeats the purpose of the timeouts then.

Amber - posted on 05/30/2010




I can think of a few different things.
it depends on what they do in my opinion. my daughter is 2 1/2 and hates time out, time out is supposed to be how old the child is and that is how long in minutes they are there. so if they are two, they are in timeouts for two minutes. a timer is great for this, you set it next to them, so they can see it and set it, they can then get up when it goes off. If they get out of timeout then reset it, they can only get up when they complete the full two minutes.

if they are doing something that will hurt them then explain to him/her why they shouldnt be doing it. In my daughters case, she is very very stubborn, if she is climbing on a chair to get her sippy and I tell her she could fall and get hurt, she usually doesnt believe me. I feel if it is not something that she could get hurt badly from and she falls and gets hurt, I had warned her, I do still comfort her though. In most cases she listens b/c she has done this and has learned, sometimes the best lessons are the ones they learn themselves.

There is also spanking, if your not against it, and in my case it is a last resort of punishment.

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