How do you discipline a toddler?

Deana M. - posted on 02/02/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My baby is 17 m/o and she is basically a really good girl, but has her moments like all babies do especially with asserting her independece lately. She is my first and only child so far. Lately she has been getting a bit fresh...throwing her food and her cup and biting me when she gets really frustrated or mad. I have been trying the firm "no" and trying to redirect to something else but it hasnt worked at all. In fact sometimes she laughs at me when I say no to her. I am really frustrated and am wondering what works for other moms or if there is a "proper" way to go about this. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you! (I should add that spanking or hitting is NOT an option for me so please dont respond if that is your suggestion).


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One piece of advice I can give you is to try not to overuse the word "no". I made that mistake with my son (he's 3 now) and he would simply ignore me when I said "no". He'd throw his cup and I'd say, "That isn't nice. How about we stop doing that ok?" In a calm voice. Around 18 months old, he also started helping me clean up messes...more than just helping pick up his toys. If he tossed his breakfast on the floor? I'd put him on the floor, give him some paper towels and let him "help" me clean it. That way, he immediately saw that there is a reason we don't make messes on purpose. I think all moms experience what you're going through right now. At least I know I did. I think what worked best for me as far as overall discipline, is to just be consistent and firm. Don't let something be not ok one day and then ok the next. There really isn't a "proper" way to go about it, in my opinion. Just follow your gut. I've seen a few of your posts on CoM lately and you seem like a nice girl and a good and gentle mom. I'm sure you're doing just fine :)

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