HOw do you get 1 1/2 yr olds to sleep through the night?


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Toni - posted on 10/20/2009




my son started sleeping through the night at 13weeks old, and i did that through routine i believe, every night at the same time he had bath and straight to bed in his own room on his own, if he did wake up it was a cuddle n straight back down to sleep, some people dont beleive it what im about to say but if he started to cry i would sit outside his room until he drifted bk off to sleep which usually took around 10mins, he has slept through ever since.

Melissa - posted on 10/20/2009




What I have found what work's for me is giving her a soothing bath before bed with the lavender scented Johnson's baby wash that's suppose to calm them down and help them sleep. Then giving her a gentle massage with the same scented lotion and singing her a lullaby while giving her the massage. And maybe even reading her a story before you lay her down. If she still continue's to wake up even after that or just wont go to sleep in general. You have to remember that it is okay to let her cry a little bit, even though the sound may break your heart you know where she is and you know she's fine and she's just crying because she wants you or doesnt want to sleep. If she is standing up in her bed when you go in to check on her just lay her back down and say good night. You may have to do that 3 or 4 times maybe even 7 to 10 times. But she will tire her self out and eventually go to sleep. Another option is take away an evening nap. Just give a after noon nap so she will be good and tire when it's time to go to bed and wont wake up through the night.

Gemma - posted on 10/20/2009




Have you ever heard of Dana Obleman she is an american lady who writes books, does web post, and she reckons she can sort any sleep problem, you can sign up to weekly emails answering sleep problems at her website. I have also used Gina ford, she has some good books and advice to.

First you need to work out why they are waking??? is it just a habit? or are they hungry? or are they waking because you are not there and they can not go back to sleep on their own?

If you usually rock or sit with you toddler for them to go to sleep you may have to use the put them to bed, tell them its bed time, and sit near the bed till they fall asleep, if they get up say no bed time put them back in. Next night move further away from the bed, keep doing this till you are out of the room. Gina Ford uses this and the crying down.. though i think a toddler may be a bit big for crying down. Once your child has managed to get themselves to sleep on their own if they wake in the night they shouldbe able to go to sleep with out calling for you.

If a habit you need to break it, do not go into them straight away let them cry for a few mins, go in say something calming like bed time baby, check they are ok, then leave the room, if they continue to cry give them a min, go in and repeat, leave the room, then let them cry for two min go in repeat leave the room let them cry for three mins. never go past 10 mins as they can get into too muchof a state of distress. this is liek the cryign down technic Gina Ford uses (you should be able to get Gina ford books in the libary or any good book retailer).

If they are hungry I would suggest trying to make sure they eat enough during the day. When babies are small you normally would by the next stage milk if at this age they are wakign for milk.. lots of people advise to give them water then they will not wake for the milk and they will eat more during the day to substain themselves.... this is currently the problem i have with my little boy I know that when he gets home from nursery if he does not have a yoghert and his ceral i will be up around 2am.

Good luck it is hard to get kids to sleep through and can be distressing when they are crying and it is tempting to give in but just remember if you give in to them then you will not be having a quite night for a long time. Be strong.


if a habit you may want to break it you

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