how do you get a 2 year old almost 3 in their own bed?


Carrie - posted on 09/09/2009




Hi ,

I just recently went through this with my 21/2 year old. I will tell you this... I did not realize that at that age they are scared of everything including the dark. It did not dawn on me until my little man kept turning the bedroom light on when I would put him in his room even in the middle of the day. Finally I realized he needed a night light in the room with him and a little back ground music to keep the room from being too quiet. I wish you luck...... :)


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We bought my son a new bed & bedding and he was great about sleeping in there on his own for maybe two months... we tend to sleep with the TV on and lately when my husband is ready for bed he shuts the TV off, if my son wants to watch TV to sleep he has to do so in his room, it keeps him in there for the majority of the night, if not all night. If you do not have this habit started I probably wouldn't, but it was my fault I grew up w/tv on 4 bedtime and often fall asleep w/it on and my son has picked up on it :( I figure if my hubby wants him out of his bed then we can fight the TV on @ bedtime battle later! :)

Lauren - posted on 09/09/2009




For my daughter i got her the fun Dora bedding that i knew she would just love and i talked it up. I spent serveral days talking about sleeping in her bed and what a big girl she'll be. She was so excitied about it that it went just fine. I also let her take one teddy bear to bed with her, just one. That seems to make it fun for her also. I'm very firm about bed time. I have three children all under the age of 3 and for them bed time is a 8pm not a sec later. They go to bed in their own beds and that's that. That's helps me with them they know i mean business. If they do get upset, the most i will do is let them cry for about 5 mins go in there tell them it's bed time and that's enough and then leave. If they continue then i wait 5mins and go in again. I don't have to do that more than 2 maybe 3 times. It works for me. Hope some of that has helped. Best of luck to you! Dont stress it'll work out! Stay clam and in control :)

Dana - posted on 09/08/2009




I agree with what Danielle wrote. We have a 2 1/2 year old and it worked for him. It did take about a week and it is really hard to do but it does pay off in the end!! But just a warning if you give in just one night you have to start all over again...

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Choose a bed time- be firm and constient. Like 7 or 8 pm. have a bed time ritual. Like bath, brush teeth, give kisses to mommy and daddy. Put your child in bed. Now walk out of the room. DONT SPEAK A WORD WHILE LEAVING THEIR ROOM. Most likely thye are going to cry and come out, even scream. Be firm! Pick them up-Put them back in bed-WITHOUT SAYING A SINGLE WORD. then sit on the floor-NOT facing toward them, so the child cant see your face! THEN everytime they get up-put them back in bed-WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING TO THEM---THIS IS CRUCIAL! It will take acouple long nights of sitting on that floor. but each night the time spand should get smaller and smaller. And eventually they should get the point and adjust easily.

I really hope this works for you!

Angela - posted on 09/07/2009




I have a rule with my girl - if she wants to sleep in mommy & daddy's room - it's on the floor not in our bed. It's not very comfortable, so she usually gives up on her own and goes back to her room. If she is really upset, she is still close to us.

EMMA - posted on 09/07/2009




Our daughter 2 yrs old was difficult, just getting her in a cot was tough!

We placed her bed at the side of ours for her to adjust to her own space and then gradually moved it closer to the door, until one bed time it was in her room, we said nothing, she said nothing, it was perfect!

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