how do you get a 2 year old boy to eat???


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Elizabeth - posted on 10/13/2009




My daughter has done this off and on since she was 13 mos old and she's about 2 1/2 now. Everyone kept telling me that she'll eat when she's hungry...and she did then and when she's kind of "off" now she still does. BUT...sometimes when they teeth they act funny & won't eat so I put orajel on her gums before meals when she's getting her molars. I try not to pay much attention to how much she's eating but more if she's trying. I let her feed herself as much as possible and just provide her with help when she asks.

I saw a thing with Dr. Sears on this and he suggested not putting anything on the child's plate. Just an empty plate in front of them. Once everyone else starts eating and they aren't getting any attention the child typically will start asking for the food on the table.

I do give Felicity a 2nd meal that I know she'll eat if she just plain isn't eating anything. It typically isn't going to be as healthy but I don't let it turn into junk food either. I'll do cereal or PB&J or something that is relatively good for her still...even if there aren't any veggies. ;-) Some pepole really are against this but I figure until she's a little older and gets that I'm not a short-order cook, I will do this. When will I stop? I don't know, when I feel it's time. :-)

Just keep reminding yourself that all you can do is can't force your chld to eat. He will eat when he's hungry. Good luck!

Nicole - posted on 10/13/2009




Both of my boys went through this. And my 3 year old, still doesn't want to eat all of the time. I talked to his doctor about it and he said as long as he is getting nutrients, he will be fine and will eat when he is hungry. I don't believe in forcing him to eat, so I don't. I do tend to let him eat what he wants (not candy ect.) but if he wants a poptart (not much better than candy I guess!!) for dinner and won't eat anything else, then I let him. I figure it's better than nothing. I also found a food he really likes, mac & cheese, and he eats it quite a bit. And he will eat bananas a lot. So I stick with a lot of those things and make sure he is drinking a lot of milk. Try finding "fun" foods. Danimals yogurts my kids will always drink. And graham crackers that are fun shapes ect. Good luck! And don't worry, he will eat more eventually!

Toni - posted on 10/13/2009




thanx for the helpful information. it has been driving me mad but no1 understood me. thanx again

Sarah - posted on 10/13/2009




my son went through a stage of not eating so i made foods with lots of colours and using faces or shapes and even though it wasnt neccessaryly with a spoon or fork he was eating it all hope it helps

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