how do you get a 2 yr old to listen to you?


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Marcy - posted on 05/27/2010




Melissa I make my son put his listening ears on. When I need to talk to him and he isn't focused I say "Put your listening ears on please." He cups his hands around his ears and says "Ting"(I think its from Kai Lan). Anyways, we've been doing this since he turned 2ish and it works. Also, I firmly agree with Megan.

The thing is to just keep doing the process the same way over and over again. When I hear him say 'Ting" I know he is listening to me. What's really funny is that now he will say to me "Mommy, look at this." and when I am not fully paying attention to him he will say "I can't see your face." Cute kid....most of the time HAHA.

Megan - posted on 05/27/2010




Praise, praise, and more praise! It sounds silly I know but when they throw something away that you ask them too and get really excited when they do it and say thank you and ask for a high five or something little, it helps a lot. If they refuse to listen to you, then you have to have the will power to ignore their negative behavior which takes some time. I was told to ignore the negative behavior and within 2 weeks of me doing that, she doesn't throw her fits as often. Don't yell at them when they don't do something you want them to at first...

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