how do you get a 4yr old to eat potatoes and meat??

Patty - posted on 10/11/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 4 yr old is a very picky eater. Not sure how to have a sitdown meal and not have to fight with him. Always have had a dislike to potaoes. They make him vomit. But meat we have to say everything is chicken but still a fight. Any ideas??


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If potatoes make him sick I don't know if I'd try feeding those to him??? You could try sweet potatoes or parsnips, or different potatoes: fingerlings red pots, etc...

With meat our son will happily scarf down any meat as long as he has a dipping sauce for it, either ketchup, bbq sauce, etc... HAS TO HAVE A DIPPING SAUCE! My nephew was funny and would only eat hamburgers if you called them Krabby Patties :) Good luck!

Brandee - posted on 10/11/2009




Try giving him sweet potatoes, or mixing it with something to better the taste... like the cheeses from mac and cheese. doesnt have to be alot, just enough to give a better flavor. As for the meat, try giving him ketchup with it... i know it sounds crazy but i used to have this same problem with my 3.5 year old. He's better now but for awhile would eat all his meat with ketchup. Try that and see if it work or put a glaze of some sort on it. Like sweet and sour, or honey, something appealing to him. Worked everytime for me. Now I hardly have troubles with him at all.

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