how do you get a toddler to stay in his bed?

Jaime - posted on 11/19/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




we just started to put my 15month into a toddler bed because he learned to climb out of his crib. now he wont stay in the toddler bed and i dont know what to do to keep him in there.


Kylie - posted on 11/21/2010




I disagree with the first post only because letting the child get out of bed and play in their room isn't teaching them about bedtime. In my experience we put our child to bed and leave the room. If they come out we walk them (don't pick them up) back to bed tuck them in and dont say anything (you've already done the hugs and kisses and bedtime stuff) and continue to do this until they stay in bed-yes the first few nights may require a large number of back and forths but it does work and then your child will learn it's bed time-no getting up! Also just a side note sometimes it helps to put child to bed and read them a story while they are laying in bed to help inforce that this is bedtime and now you have to stay in bed. :) Hope this helps!


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Jill - posted on 12/01/2010




I can understand your position when wanting to get your child in a big bed/toddler bed. I put my son in a toddler bed by the age of 1 and he is now in a twin bed at age 3 and a 1/2. I would not reccommend locking your child in their room and any parent that does is lazy. The one that reccommended putting the child back in bed without talking, no matter how long it takes is the best way. This will teach the child that it is not ok to get out of bed.

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Please don't use the crib tent! They can be very dangerous!
I can't imagine putting my 16 month old in a toddler bed, but I totally agree with the 1st post. When we put our oldest in a big boy bed we just told him he could come out of the room. We have a video moniter so we could watch him. He got out of bed the first couple days, but he always got back in bed and went to sleep. At nap time he did take a couple naps on the floor, but we don't worry about him coming out.
I will say it was VERY EASY to get him to sleep in a big bed though cause we got the Lightening McQueen Twin Bed which he wanted to sleep in!
Good Luck!

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turn your room into a crib We gate the door at nap time and bed time My daughters room in her crib it is also pretty child proof so it works real well If he climbs over the gate then get another gate and stack them If he can climb out of his crib then he can be told that it is bed time and CIO has a whole new meaning It his age he knows what is going on and crying is only another way to get his way But be prepared for every excuse in the book to come your way to get you to stay and play

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We do have one of those turtle lights that puts stars and a moon on the ceiling. he likes staring at that. My son just started to climb out as well. with our daughter it was pretty easy. one side of the bed against the wall, a guard rail on the other side and the first couple weeks, we made sure she was tired and crib was no where in sight. she took to it really well. she had no toys in her room, though. we have a playroom. she had no distractions to pull her out of bed. her room was dull and DARK. dark helps sleep a lot more than people realize. she just had a tiny corner nightlight and the ladybug with stars on the ceiling.

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He might still be young for it but we just got our 27 month old a Good Nite Light. It's a blue moon overnight and turns to an orange sun when it's the morning (we set the times). We only got it a few nights ago but he seems to understand it. Although it was more for preventing early mornings and random middle of the night getting up.

Not sure what to do when he won't stay there. Ours transitioned to his big boy bed without a fuss. Do you have guardrails?

Teri - posted on 11/21/2010




glue & rope!! LOL

We were so traumatized by switching our twin boys from cribs to beds, we decided not to crib train our daughter two yrs later. Ughh.

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Here is a simple answer - STOP TRYING!
Try this instead: childproof his ENTIRE room. Then put him to bed and tell him he must stay in his bedroom. Now THAT is something you can enforce!
I did this with my son. soemtimes he plays in his room for an hour after I put him down. sometimes I go in there and find him asleep on the floor. Sometimes he falls asleep moments after I kiss him goodnight and tuck him into bed. one thing he knows, when mommy walks out that bedroom door, she isn't coming back until the morning. So if he decides to get out of bed and play, he has to tuck himself back in.
And guess what - I don't stress over bedtime. ever. and at 7:30 I kiss my son goodnight and walk away. it is WONDERFUL!

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