How do you get your daughter to quit biting?

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Michelle - posted on 02/24/2009




I agree w/ Gena. As much as we don't like the idea, sometimes we need to show our children that their actions hurt. Our son was biting me hard enough that I had black and blue bite marks. In fact I had someone ask me if my husband was abusing me. They found it hard to believe it was a 2 year old. I finally said enouh of this and I curled my lips over my teeth and grabbed on. I didn't let go right away either. Remember, my teeth were covered. It took a couple times doing that, but he doesn't bite any more. As for your older daughter, she needs to realize that she can't or shouldn't be picking fights with her sister. Hope this helps you, good luck.

Elizebeth - posted on 02/24/2009




thanks i'll try that too. at this point ill try anything. she did really good with biting there for a few months but then just starts it up again. Its like her only defense against her sister, or her only fighting skill against her sister to get what she wants. Especially since my oldest daughter started to stand up to her and doesn't give in so easily. Thanks again

Gena - posted on 02/23/2009




I had the same problem with my son...he was biting  A LOT!  I tried time out, spanking, everything...finally, I bit him back..on the hand and not too hard.  I think that he didnt realize that it hurt and when he did...he has not done it again.  It has been about 4 months and he has not bit anyone since.  I know that it will not work for everyone...but it worked for him!

Elizebeth - posted on 02/23/2009




Thank you I'll have to try that - at this point in time I'm up for trying anything. Can't put her in the crib though, she's in a toddler bed. no pack and play either. :) Thank so much i'll let you know if it works.

Amy - posted on 02/22/2009




enforce it with negative action such as timeout in the crib or packnplay

or buckling int a high chair and facing it to a wall or corner

say do not bite! biting hurts and makes me sad

and walk away no more or less,....


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