how do you potting tranning child at does not want to


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Shari - posted on 02/09/2010




I tried for months using pull-ups and had no success. When I finally got rid of the pull-ups and put her in underwear (taking her to the potty every half hour) she was trained within a couple weeks. We had some accidents but they got fewer as the days went on.

Maggie - posted on 02/08/2010




the same way you get anyone to do anything - make them WANT to do it. Let the child pick out a potty (target has one that looks like a frog!). Sit the child on it a few times a day so they know what it's for. If they don't go then fine but if they do then sing the potty song, do the potty dance, give them at treat, whatever form of positive reinforcement you want to use. The crazier/more extravagent the production the better. The child will want to do it again because it's funny to see you act like that and because kids love being praised. For a while I took my son every hour to sit and after a while he was telling me when he had to go.

Michelle - posted on 02/08/2010




I found it easier and less frustrating all around to potty train when they are ready. That doesn't mean you don't show them how to, talk to them about it, get 'big' underwear, and so on. My oldest (twins) didn't potty train until one month before turning four. I thought they never would want to, but once they were ready they were night and day trained. My next one potty trained about 2 months after turning three and it was literally day and night trained in one day. And I'll see when my last one is ready. Also, bribery helped. My oldest was fishing and my next one was candy. Don't despair. Good luck.

Katherine - posted on 02/07/2010




We've just started potty training but we've had the potty for a few months so my daughter was familiar with it. We started by having it in the lounge room near her toys and she just used it as a normal seat for a while, then every time she went to it I pulled her nappy off and just this morning she actually used it!! Just remember be patient and use lots of encouragement!! Good luck ;-)

Heidi - posted on 02/07/2010




They do it when they are ready, but if they are getting a bit old like my daughter then you need whatever seems to work. Mine had a set back the closer I got to having the baby. After the baby she completely regressed. Rewards always help. We made a sticker chart on the bathroom door and I taped an envelope with an assortment of stickers in it. Then when she had a whole dry day I bought dollar store goodies and she chose from the bag. Also, a little talking about it in front of other people helped too. Don't forget the praise. Some people do the naked thing. It works for some, not mine!

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