How do you potty train a boy?


Rebecca - posted on 06/02/2009




LOL, I have 2 boys and they r soooo easy to toilet train. When ur son is old enough to walk and tell u he needs a wee he is ready to toilet train, u can do 1 of 2 things, use a potty in which they norm sit down but then their willy/winkie/whatever dangles over front of potty and then they have to hold it in... OR U can buy a step 4 toilet and copy Daddy (assuming he is around) (and don't mind being watched) If Daddy is not around or has door locked just stand him against toilet and say wee wee and put his hand on the top to ain the wee into the water... If u are outside they can wee anywhere!!! Take plenty of spare shorts in summer 4 accidents... Easier if forget pants till son knows when to go a wee... Good luck x

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