how do you start potty training a boy?


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Alyssa - posted on 06/11/2010




Its best if he can watch a man go and get the idea, but if not just teach him to sit down at first ( less confusing for #2) and later teach him to aim by putting cheerios in the potty. Ive seen kids have a blast trying to hit them lol

Fiona - posted on 04/16/2010




Rewards system was the only way my son would use the potty at first. I brought a few toys and books. I told him they were surprise for when he used the potty. That day he started and I gave a lot of praise and a small surprise. He loved to go to the potty after that. One day he walked into the toilet and told me he wanted to use it.

[deleted account]

I used to threw 2-3 cheerios cereal in the toilet and ask him to aim at it ---it was easy and fun for him. After a while he just did it on his own no more wasting cheerios :)

Christina - posted on 04/16/2010




I just let him go to the bathroom with me & his daddy & one day he just wanted to do it himself but let him do it on his own time if u force him it will make it 10 times harder

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