how early?

Chelle - posted on 12/14/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Did any of you ever suspect you were pregnant before realising you missed your first period and if so, what made you suspect that?


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Adrienne - posted on 12/14/2009




With my second son I did. I could smell my husband's chips across a room and it smelt so gross. The only other sign I had was my boobs were hurting. I went to get tested it came negative they said come back in a week if I didn't start. So the following week I went back it was a very faint positive which meant I was just pregnant they said.

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My breasts hurt so bad and I thought it was PMS. Then I started having uterine cramping and that's when I went to a doctor. The doctor thought it was bladder spasms caused by a urinary tract infection but the test came back negative. So they did blood work and I found out I was pregnant.

Ashley - posted on 12/14/2009




my first one i did before i missed my period just because i had that gut feeling,.. i never did get sick through out my whole pregnancy never had any symptoms at all .. no one would have even been able to tell i was until i started to show ..

Crystal - posted on 12/14/2009




With my first child it was 2 and half months...what suspect me was that i was eating pudding and i throw up..Then i realized i never got my period for the past 2 months. With the child I am carrying now I suspect it becuase i was 2 weeks late for my perido. then turns out i was a month pregnant. and now going on 5 months with a baby girl.

Claudia - posted on 12/14/2009




Hi. With my 2nd I found out I was pregnant 1 week before my missed period. I just felt nauseas so I did a test and it was positive.

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